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  • 1. Advanced Monitoring and Evaluation Training
    2020-11-24 12:34:37

    In the present era where there is high demand for impact from development interventions by partners, government  and even beneficiaries, project implementers must be the most challenged. They must brace for accountability after the project has come to an end, and clearly demonstrate that the aid/grant spending has been wisely invested in the intervention...

  • 2. Certified Associate In Project Management (CAPM)
    2020-10-18 11:55:05

    egardless of the stage you are in your career, the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® is an asset that will distinguish you in the job market and enhance your credibility and effectiveness working on (or with) project teams. The recent past has seen an increased demand from early career professionals and university graduates, who are keen to become certified against a...

  • 3. Monitoring and Evaluation Data Management and Analysis Training
    2020-10-18 11:58:59

    Monitoring and Evaluation is a wide field and its practical implementation means data collection on indicators, analysis and reporting in order to inform the project implementers on the level of achievement of results.
    This often means there must be somebody responsible for indicator data...

  • 4. Project Management Professional Training (PMP)
    2020-10-18 11:56:59

    In current times when economic patterns are challenging, so are the expectations for project staff. This calls for high levels of Project Management, which is fundamental to accomplish organizations’ specific goals. Project Management is used to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control, and close out projects by applying appropriate skills, knowledge, tools and techniques to fulfil the...